Friday, March 11, 2011

Ellen Hennessy Sullivan Murphy Jago

St. Thomas Cemetery
My great-great grandmother was Ellen Hennessy Sullivan Murphy Jago!  She was first married to James J. Sullivan and had two sons, Tim Sullivan and James J. Sullivan.  I believe her husband James died before or around the time of her son Jim's birth in 1858.  She is listed on the 1857 Minnesota Territorial census as Ellen Sullivan.  She married Dennis Murphy around 1860 and her daughter Kate was born in about 1861, Anna, my great-grandmother, was born in 1862, and Hannah was born in 1864.  I have no information about Dennis Murphy and would appreciate any info or connections that you may have.  Ellen married for the third time to a man named Jago from Ireland.  They had a son Henry, who was born in 1872.  According to later census information Ellen lived with James J. Sullivan and his wife Catherine in her later years.  James J. Sullivan Jr.'s son Jim was my grandmother, Cora Abbott Welter's cousin.  He was a frequent visitor to our home when I was a child.  I attended his funeral in probably the mid to late 1980s and met Marion Callahan afterwards.  We talked a bit about our "Grandma Jago" and I later received some family history notes from her sister, Mary Sheridan.  They may have another sister, Theresa Krenik.
Info from Sheila Farrell Johnston  (replace at with @)
Sheila is still looking for Sullivan and Murphy connections.  You may contact her at the above email.

Info from indicates that Mrs. Ellen Murphey (sic) married Patrick Jaeger (sic) on 4 November 1871 at Le Sueur, Le Sueur, Minnesota.  Her death was recorded under Ellen Jago.  She died in St. Paul, Minnesota on 16 August 1925.